There are 2 Decks in the Tarot, The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana can be seen below

There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana and are divided into 4 suits they are Pentacles, Swords, Wands and Cups, each suit has 14 cards, beginning with the Ace, followed by numbered cards, 2 through to 10, followed by the Page, Knight, Queen and king. Each suit represents a specific element and condition.

Single Card Reading

Ask a simple question for a straightforward answer, but it may not be what you want to hear!

3 Card Spread

A simply reading covering the Past, Present and future.

5 Card Spread

The 5 Card Tarot Spread for Decision Making.

12 Month Spread

A reading for the next 12 moths for long term planning.

Celtic Cross

The traditional spread for a comprehensive reading

Astrological Spread

This covers the period of a year with each Astrological house being represented for a full and accurate reading.

Major Arcana

  • All
  • Knowledge
  • Fortune
  • Change
  • Conflict

The Magician

Destiny, Faith

High Priestess

Change, Emotion

The Empress

Initiative, Birth,
New Activity

The Emperor

Self Will, Wisdom, Self Control


Inspiration, Morality, Knowledge

The Lovers

Passion, Pleasure, Decisions.

The Chariot

Journey, Triumph


Justice, Test, Struggles

The Hermit

Wisdom, Prudence, Truth


Luck, Fortune, Gain


Fortune, Ordeals, Conflict

Hanged Man

Self Sacrifice, Control, Ordeal


New beginnings, Death, Change,


Moderation, Economy, Harmony

The Devil

Bondage, Strength, Selfishness

The Tower

Ruin, Deception, Destruction.

The Star

Hope, A Wish, Attainment.

The Moon

Danger, Enemies, False Friends

The Moon

Marriage, Happiness, Life


Transmutation, Change

The World

Success, Harmony, Attainment

The Fool

Folly, Inspiration, Gullibility


Dreams are an expression of our emotions, which we often experience in our conscious or sub conscious, both in the day or at night, when we are awake or when we are asleep.



Hands are not place on a person, they rest above the body. Crystals and other mediums may be used none should be intrusive.


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